Charlie Hollander

Charlie Hollander has been the diamond business for over fifty years; his grandfather started the family business in Belgium over a century ago. Charlie is a third generation diamond manufacturer. Currently he and his son, Nir Hollander, operate GemStone King, one of the largest online jewelers in the world. But Charlie is no ordinary jeweler. He has always been obsessed by the great power and dazzling beauty of diamonds. He has always wanted to make diamond creations that were totally new and unique.


Charlie established pursue for high-level technique since age of 18. This is the time when he learned how to line and cut raw diamond that determines what quality and size the diamonds would be. In other words, the technique could never be too sophisticated. With this concept, Charlie kept high quality of manufacturing during his lead for the company. For example, cost for US platting is several times more than that in China when general customers could not tell the difference. Charlie would still pay for the higher price at his cost because he knows US plating at is more shining and last for longer. That is also the reason why his established long relationship with his fine jewelry retailer clients from Japan, South Korea, USA and Canada in the 80's. Even though the company offers accessory only at several dollars, the standards of manufacturing and quality control is kept high.


Charles Hollander Collection


Bernard Marquin is well known in the finest jewelry circles due to his years spent as a leading designer for worldwide famous houses. Charles Hollander Collection is the ultraluxury piece of art that Bernard is proud of to create under the cooperation with his old friend Charlie Hollander. The two old friends made ordinaory items into extradinary piece of art under the same vision.


The first showcase creation was a diamond-encrusted chess set, which Charlie conceived in 1996. The chess pieces and the chessboard in this set took over 9,000 hours to create and were crafted from over 1 kilogram of gold and set with 9,900 black and white diamonds. It didn’t take long before one of Charlie’s customers was enchanted by this creation and bought the set for $1 million!

As a result of that first success, Charlie began getting orders for other jeweled works of art, for example:


  • Diamond Backgammon Set (created with 61,082 black, white and yellow diamonds. This magnificent work of art took 10,000 hours to create and costs $1.5 million
  • Diamond Chess Sets: one of the most popular items in the Charles Hollander collection, chess sets are priced from $400,000 to over $1 million
  • Diamond Roulette Wheel: it took over 4800 hours, 3.5 kg of gold and over 200 carats of colorful diamonds to create this masterpiece.


Because of the great popularity of the Charles Hollander Collection, Charlie created a number of small objects which he designed and which were manufactured in small lots for discriminating individuals. These items include:

  • Diamond Golf Ball (actual size) 11 crts of black and white diamonds, retail price 18.000 dollars
  • Diamond Soccer Ball in different sizes from 1,5 cm diameter till 4 cm running from 7.000 dollars till 13.000 dollars
  • Diamond Pens in different colors of diamonds and different shapes


Gem Stone King

GemStoneKing The story of Gem Stone King is the story that proves the saying that “the more things change, the more they remain the same".

Today, Gem Stone King is a leading online jewelry company with over 300,000 Internet sales. While Internet technology is relatively new, the family that owns Gem Stone King has been in the diamond business for over 100 years.


Our president, Nir Hollander is a fourth generation diamond merchant. Nir’s great grandfather, Elyahu Holzer, started the business in 1903 in Antwerp, Belgium.From these humble beginnings the family grew the diamond business with locations in New York, Belgium, Israel, and Thailand. Nir 's father, Charlie Hollander, moved to Israel in 1966 from where he exported Diamonds all over the world selling to jewelry stores. Fifteen years ago he started the Charles Hollander Collection producing prestigious objects made out of gold and diamonds.


The amazing power of the Internet made it possible for us to offer our fine merchandise directly to consumers. And because we buy gems direct from the source, we are able to offer low prices to match our high quality. We began selling our jewelry on E-bay where we earned a customer satisfaction rating of 99.5% over more than 186,000 transactions. Today we are expanding our services on our own website.


We have rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants with diamonds and semi-precious stones. Everything we sell is of the highest quality and every piece is brand new and maily manufactured in the United States.


Our customers benefit because we are diamond wholesalers who can sell to them directly. Because we control the entire process from source to final product we control the costs and are able to maintain the highest quality and to pass savings to our customers.


With our old world values and traditions and our mastery of the most advanced Internet technologies, we truly offer our customers the best of both worlds.


To all of you, from all of us at Gem Stone King - Thank you and Happy Shopping!